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For complete info or a quote on slides,
water slides, & modular and soft
playground components, call... Jim's
Jungle Play & Design & Custom Machine
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McKinney Living Magazine
Featured in a recent story in
McKinney Living Magazine! For
20 years, Jim Howlett and Jim's
Jungle Play & Design has been
known throughout out the industry
as a designer and builder of
modular and softplay systems for FECs (Family
Entertainment Centers), schools, restaurants, and
community playgrounds everywhere.
red arrow gif Play Systems Are Custom-Designed to Fit
Your Needs.
red arrow gif Design/Build Your Own with Our Complete
Line of High-Tech Components.
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Jim's Jungle Play & Design is a leading
supplier of play systems for physically and
developmentally challenged children. These
systems are custom designed to fit individual
customer needs ...for home as well as
commercial use. Call us...1.800.695.8151
red arrow gif Play Systems For Restaurants & Family
Entertainment Centers (FECs) Modular
play system installed in a Texas Dairy
Queen franchise entertains kids and
encourages repeat visits.
indoor play system
indoor play system custom fit
indoor play system
[modular playsystems]
New! 6' Spiral Slide in bright yellow
"Torpedo Tool"
Torpedo Tool in use
"...the must-have
applicator for anyone
applying vinyl sign
graphics over surfaces
with rivets!"
The Torpedo Tool is designed for the use on vinyl lettering,
signs and graphics. It will flow the air from under the rivet
head leaving a smooth surface for the vinyl to seal against
the contour of the rivet head. This tool has a second use to
flow out the air lines in the material by reversing the tool
end. For anyone doing vinyl graphics, this is a "must have"
item. We guarantee this tool to improve your production
time and quality.
Featured under "New
Products" in Sign Business &
Sign Craft Magazines: See
Custom size tools available, if needed. ...more!
[Slides & Water Slides]
you need 'em, we've got 'em!
Ball Pits & Balls

Junction Boxes - 30",
3-Way & J-Box Flanges

Straight Tubes 30", 4ft,
6ft & 14ft

Elbows & End Caps,
30", 30-90-112 degree

T-Tubes, 4-way & Entry
Panels 30"

Staircase, Shoe Keeper
& Shoe Keeper Cap

Tank Vessel, Spherical
Vessel, 48" & 80" dia

Roof & Slide Exit
Platforms & Steps

6ft Spiral Slides, c/w

Suspension Bridges
  Cargo Climbs

60" Double Wall Slides

36" & 48" Double Wall

Single Wall Wave Slide

Activity Centers

Bubble Domes

Galvanized Tubing

Clamp System

Safety Netting

Custom Built (Jungle
Huts) Bamboo

Safety Pole Cushion

Wiggle Tubes

Any Special Item
photo showing modular play system components
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Build your own play system with our complete line of indoor/outdoor playground equipment and components.
We supply crawl tubes, super slides, J-boxes, & cargo climbs. We are discontinuing some of our plastic crawl
tubes at below cost pricing; 24" Dia. Crawl tubes, 90 degree elbows, Slide Entry, Slide Exit, complete slides
complete Ball Crawls 10' X 12'. Making room for new models for the upcoming season!
Participatory playground equipment for children's indoor and outdoor amusement areas.
it's a jungle out there...and the children love it!
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